Tantui and Gongliquan
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Tantui composes of 12 sections which are simple and symmetric, it concentrates on force induced by the contracting and relaxation of muscles. Both fisting and footwork techniques stress on all-direction attack. In respect of position, it requires practitioner to distinct between up and down, and to adjust attacking level with enemy and real situation. Basically, it is a footwork-oriented routines reinforced with useful fisting techniques. Beginners will surely benefit from its simplicity and powerful combating techniques. It is also widely adopted to train beginners' steps and stances and is a perfect routine for group demonstration. 
Gongliquan is the second routine of the ten fundamental Chinwoo routines. It teaches beginners how to correctly master the posture and application techniques of various stances, fist, palm and hook included in the routine. Gongliquan demands sturdy and proper postures with firm stances. It should be act continuously and smoothly with force being executed directly and straightly. In respect of combating technique, it teaches practitioner to use kicks for long distance attack, punches for short distance attack and elbow for close body fighting. For the body technique, it stresses on 'Rest', 'Touch', 'Squeeze' and 'Lean' with the waist acts as the central axis governing the body movement. In one word, it is a very powerful combating routine. The Shanghai Central Chinwoo Athletic Association commented it as "Miracle Drug For Sportsman, Sharp Axe For Kungfu Population".

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 10/2000