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Shaolin Shi Xing Quan
This book contains the old Hung Jia Freehand Routines - the Big 5 Animals/Birds Resemble Routines an..
HKD 2,500.00
Wu Xing Quan
HKD 360.00
Shi Zi Quan
HKD 180.00
Gong Zi Fu Hu Quan
One of the five core routines of Hongjia, the techniques contained within it has the quality of both..
HKD 300.00
Liu Jia Quan
Liujiaquan belongs to the system of Hongjia. It incorporates Liujia’s short and rapid hand technique..
HKD 110.00
Hu Die Zhang
Created by the famous Hungjia teacher Liang Rong-heng, Hudiezhang is a palm-based routine that devel..
HKD 150.00
San Zhan Quan
A perfect blending of the hard and soft aspects of both tactics and power generation, Sanjianquan in..
HKD 300.00
Shi Zi Mei Hua Quan (MP4)
Content: 1. Introduction ( Link )2. Demonstration 3. Application Technique&..
HKD 150.00
Shi Zi Mei Hua Quan
Emphases on footwork, assist with some important hands technique, such as punching, rolling-out, pus..
HKD 100.00
Lingnan Hung Ga Martial Arts – Freehand and Weapons Routine (Part II)
Lingnan Hung Ga Martial Arts was first taught in Hong Kong in the Late Qing and Early Republic. Its ..
HKD 500.00