Lingnan Hung Ga Martial Arts – Freehand and Weapons Routine (Part II)
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Lingnan Hung Ga Martial Arts was first taught in Hong Kong in the Late Qing and Early Republic. Its two branches – Xin (New) Hung Ga and Lao (Old) Hung Ga had taken root and played a significant role in the Hong Kong martial arts circle in the last century, enhancing and glorifying the Chinese traditional culture. Over the few decades of our Chinese Martial Arts practicing, Hung Ga was indeed one of the martial arts families we treasured. However, we did at the same time notice the deficiency in its printed knowledge. Though books had been published by past scholars, they were not made known to public or even out-of-print at present. We had tried our very best to gather information about Hung Ga and now compiled to books, only with a humble will to popularize this family of martial arts and serve that as a reference for people interested in it.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 124 pages
Language Chinese
First Published 05/2015
Format Print On Demand (Black-and-White)
size A5 size

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