Gong Zi Fu Hu Quan
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One of the five core routines of Hongjia, the techniques contained within it has the quality of both power development and combat application. When practiced, it requires the practitioner to shout at various moments in order to further concentrate power. Versatile in its tactics, the Gongzi Fuhuquan focuses on the various application of the Shier Ziqiao (Twelve Bridges) including Three Consecutive Sweeping Punches, Eyes Piercing, Shoot-up Punch, Face Claws, etc. Lower body techniques includes Side Heel Kick, Heel Kick then Stepping as Riding Stance, Jumping Forward as Hook Step, Topping Kick then Twisting Step, , etc. This in indeed one of the most important and compulsory training materials of the Hongjia system.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 72 pages
Language Chinese/English
First Published 07/2010
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