Cangzhou Shaolin Routines Collection
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Chinwoo Athletic Association was established in 1909 by Master Huo Yuanjia in Shanghai. Chinwoo's objective was to promote sports to strengthen national people's health.  She put emphasis on Chinese martial arts and employed lots of famous masters to teach, exchange and establishing system.  Hence students of Chinwoo used to learn many styles/families of martial arts.
Shaolin Martial arts exists in every part of China. In Cangzhou Hebei, there are mizong, baji, luohan, sunbin, tantui, erlang, xingzhe, etc. all belong to Shaolin style. There is praying mantis in Shandong Province, whereas the five famous families, i.e. Hong, Liu, Cai, Li and Mo, are located in Lingnan region.  In order to perpetuating all these treasure, Chinwoo predecessors organized them in a systematic and scientific manner and collectively named as Shaolin style.  They grouped them according to geographical location that causes the minor difference in characteristics.  Three major schools are classified and are Huanghe school, Changjiang school and Zhujiang school.  Hence, Chinwoo Shaolin system is rich in content with wide geographical coverage.
This book presents 77 routines.  Actions are named with a unified system to aid learning.

Authors Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese
First Published 04/2004