Pi Gua Quan Er Lu (Pi Gua Man)
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One of the taolus of Piguamen. Designed as an open-armed smashing taolu, it contains both inward and outward rotational movements as well as the unpredictable rising and dropping bodily movements, making this a fast-paced and tactically flexible taolu. The Erlu places emphasis on the practice of kicks and their application. Therefore the taolu contains a comprehensive arsenal of kicks including Lifting Hell, Uppercut Kick, Forward Piercing Footwork, Jumping Slap Kick, Whirlwind Kick etc. Making this routine having the feel of a dragon’s plunging into and bursting out of the great rivers, subduing all that which is present.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 24 pages
Language Chinese/English
First Published 07/2010
Format Print On Demand
size A5 size