Wu Hua Bao and Qian Liu Shi
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Yingzhao Fanziquan was developed by observing eagles' hunting methods. It adopts more of the eagles' strategy behind rather than the living behaviour. Therefore the outlook of each action is not to imitate the appearance of eagle. In motion, people can feel the various eagles' hunting skills like cunning, grapping, tearing, capturing, catching, buckling, etc. Similarly, body movement makes reference to the eagles' flying technique while hunting. 
Wuhuabao let people know that apart from eagles, other animals' hunting skills are also studied and incorporated into this family of martial arts. Leopard is a fast running animal with tree climbing ability. Though it is not as powerful as the tiger, its speed, body rolling and dodging abilities are much better than the tiger. This routine emphasizes footwork. High level kicks include the whirlwind kick, jumping slap kick and consecutive five kicks, etc.. Low level kicks include forward & backward sweeping leg and one stance action, etc.. The dodging, rolling and turning are the major body movements that one sees when a leopard is hunting. Hence, being a complicated routine, it is not easily mastered especially by beginners.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 252 pages
Language Chinese/English
First Published 04/2000