Da Mian Zhang
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“Mian Zhang (Soft palm)” is a kind of martial arts originated from the Zhang (same pronunciation as “palm” in Chinese) family in the Ming Dynasty characterized by “short-distance attack”. Blending with the skills of Eagleclaw Style, the “short-distance attack” serves as the theme of the routine. Key features of the “Short-distance attack” include keeping the elbows close to the ribs, attacking along the centre line of the body, and nimble movements to advance and retreat. The attack strategies vary depending on the distance with the enemy. The skills of the routines become even more comprehensive when tie in with the skills of the Eagleclaw style – grabs and grips, turning and dodging, jumping and kicking, etc. “Da (big)” and “Xiao (small)” refer to the extent of body movement in the routines – dexterous in “Xiao” and spreading in “Da”.

Authors Lam Wing-kit
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 36 pages
Language Chinese/English
First Published 11/2016
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