Lian Quan Wu Shi Lu
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Pandect of Lian Quan

Narrated by Chan Zi-zheng    Transcribed by Li Pei-xian

Invented by Yue Fei and originated from Shaolin, “Lian Quan” is characterized by its consecutive and successive movement.  Shifting among a variety of forces, e.g. strength, softness, sharp and flipping, constitutes to the nimble attack and defense techniques.  As such, application of the forces is made unpredictable, in terms of direction and speed, to distract the opponent.  The sleight of hand can be further enhanced with flexible management of “substantiality” and “vagueness” during combat, usually acted counter to the enemy’s reaction.  As the poetic principles of the Eagleclaw martial arts says:

“Profound as yin-yang, prediction is hard when movements are erratic, To jump and to dodge, nimble strides make the combatant athletic.  Targeting the nose pads at the top and the side ribs in the middle, Together with the genitals at the bottom, opponents can be stricken with a wrestle.  Effective raid should be based on anticipation and one’s own will, Just as a tiger enraged or a mountain still.  The techniques are viable be you strong or weak, Maintaining agility is the key to succeed.”

Authors Lam Wing-kit
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First Published 04/2017
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