Xing Quan Shi Lu
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“Xingquan” is one of the core taolus within the School of Yingzhau Fanzi. As it was designed for the application of separate techniques, it brings such techniques from Lianquan and connects them into a tactical sequential order as a means to give students an elementary level of understanding and guidance. The teaching of this taolu requires students to progress in due time which is why the ten sections are rarely taught together. Rather, the taolu is divided into two five-section segments and taught one after the other. Each section has its unique use of power and technique, when combined with the extensive footwork and kicks, the characteristics of the system such as its interconnectedness, comprehensiveness, unpredictability, versatility and holistic approach are demonstrated.

Authors Lam Wing-kit
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 76 pages
Language Chinese/English
First Published 07/2009
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