Yang's Style Taiji – Freehand (Elementary) Simplified 24 Routine with DVD
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Goes Beyond the Routine
Apart from explaining the routine movement by movement, the book explores the development and evolution of Taiji through comparing the 5 major branches in Taiji family. In addition, the book provides an explanation of the name of individual action, introducing a system to understand Taiji’s martial arts aspects. Furthermore, a summary of scientific researches and an analysis on why Taiji can be viewed as a kind of health promotional exercise are provided.
Comprehensive Explanation of the Routine
Textbook approach by first explaining the building blocks (stances, hand and body forms) in detail, progressive learning of each action and supplementing with sections on the self-defense application and simple pushing hand method.
Essential for any Serious Taiji Beginners
Specially designed as a complete self-learning package with teaching videos and thousands of photo to guide beginners and novices to thoroughly mastering the simplified 24 Taiji routine.


Contents of the Book
Introductory Section – Introducing Taiji
 -The evolution and development of taiji, its characteristics
-The development of Yang's style taiji
-The relationship between taiji and health
Theory Section – Taiji Theory in short
 -Understanding the martial arts elements of taiji
-The postures of Yang's style taiji
-Posture comparison of Yang's and Wu's styles taiji
-The name of action- its meaning
Learning Section – Simplified 24 routine
 -Common mistakes
-Demonstration of 24 routine
Application Section – Linked Usage
 -Selective demonstration of 24 routine actions
Pushing Hand Section – Static horizontal circle single hand pushing
 -Introduction on pushing hand
-Demonstration on “Static horizontal circle single hand pushing”
 -Hand circling practice – warm up exercise
-Stretching the legs
-List of Yang's style routines
-The University of Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Alumni Association (HKU CMAAA)
-Yang's style taiji grading examination, organized by HKU CMAAA
-Planning on publication
DVD Contents
Demonstration of the Simplified 24 Routine
 -whole routine
-action by action (front and side views)
Its application technique
Pushing hand
Supplementary videos

-5 traditional styles of taiji
-hand circling practice

Authors Ying Fun-fong & Ip Wai-man
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Pages 180 pages
Language Chinese (Traditional)
First Published 07/2006