Dan Dao Chuan Qiang
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The set sparring routines within the Chinwoo Ten Fundamental Routines includes Jietantui, Taoquan and Dandao Chuanqiang. Among them, only Dandao Chuanqiang involves weaponry training and is also one of the key trainings for basic application. Therefore it allows students to understand the characteristics of the weapon and thereby grasping how to effectively employ it in combat.
The practice of Dandao Chuanqiang is the next step of training after solo practice. Therefore, those who wish to learn this should first be familiar with the solo practice equivalent of the weapon in which they plan to employ. In effect, those who plan to employ the broadsword(Dao) in this routine must first have a firm grasp of Baguadao while those who use the Spear(Qiang) should already be proficient with various techniques of the Wuhuqiang as well as the Qunyanggun. It is therefore important for one to understand that the basic requirement for the practice of this set-sparring routine is very much the foundation that is built through their equivalent solo practice.
On a structural level, Dandao Chuanqiang is composed through identifying and employing the unique characteristics of the Dao and the Qiang when used in actual combat. Compared to solo practice, techniques such as the cutting of the Dao and the thrusting of the Qiang places more emphasis on speed, ferocity and power while at the same time having the control to not injure the partner. The Dao’s need for courage and resolve as well as the Qiang’s requirement for agility and speed are clearly shown. When engaged, the practitioners must demonstrate the expression “Dao like a ferocious tiger, Qiang as a swimming dragon”. The sequence also shows the emphasis on details and applicability with intensive engagement so that the practitioner is able to grasp the distance, angle and timing in actual combat. 
Lastly, Dandao Chuanqiang is not only an excellent material for fitness and martial arts training, but also elevates the practitioner’s fighting spirit as well as enhances their analytical mind.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 01/2010