Da Zhan Quan and Jie Quan
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Dazhanquan belongs to the five major zhanquans.  These five zhanquans are very famous routines of Shaolin since the best skill of Shaolin have been incorporated. Hence, they can be described as the essence of Shaolin martial arts. Dazhan actions are long and moving around that are good at long distance attack and hence is more suitable to use in open area. It is the longest routine and therefore is normally divided into two for practice.  Its actions are simple, unadorned, clear, concise and well-linked.  It emphasis on the combined usage of hands and legs.  Apart from the accuracy in positioning, it also demands a lot of body strength.  Hence, by practising Dazhanquan, one can develop a better body, especially on the strengthening of physique as well as respiratory system.  
Chinwoo Jiequan has to be performed in a lucid and lively rhythm. Its name means quick and swift. It fully illustrates the characteristics of Northern Shaolin, lots of footwork actions including crotch kick, consecutive jumping kicks, backward leg sweeping, whirlwind kick, jumping slap kick, etc..  Actions are vigorous and powerful while technique is simple and direct.  Its fast and fierce actions mean that practitioner must have good coordination and coherent on every parts of his body.  The whole routine is rich in content, especially footwork and actions in the air.  Its technique stresses on dynamic and static, high and low, turn and snap, quick and slow, light and heavy. Jiequan is a routine that can raise beginners' martial arts standard.  It helps in improving one's endurance and physical quality.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 10/2000