Jie Tan Tui Xia Liu Li
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Jie Tantui, also called mutual training of tantui. It is interactive training which based on the single training and it can enhance the basic usage of tantui. Nowadays,jie tantui can commonly divide into shangliulu and xia liulu. The actions and techniques of shangliulu are simple. It include forward punch, rolling down with downward smash, drumming fist with pressing fist which can use with low tow kick. Beginners are easy to learn and practise on the other hand, xia liulu include punching locking, consecutive kicking and forward and backward toppling kick etc. These are more difficult to learn and practise. Through practise jie tantui, we can learn more about tactics. For example, twisting step with uppercut punch in sesson 1, yielding step with shoot-up punch and twisting step with tying smashing punch in sesson 3, spring punch in sesson 7, toppling stance with punting palm in sesson 4, colliding lock in sesson 9, retrieving plam with toppling stance in sesson 11, riding stance with double clip elbows in sesson 6 and 10, yielding with sweeping neck first and yielding with smashing, reverse bow stance with leaning shoulder in sesson 12. 
Through the regular practice, it can benefit to our body, e.g bones, muscles, joints and ligament. It can also our power durability, sensitive and jumping etc. The training can enhance the sense of attack and defence. Moreover the routines stress on all-direction training, which develop the body as well. 
Therefore the mutual is very important.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 12/2004