Tao Quan
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Taoquan is one of the 3 partner-work under Chinwoo Fundamental Routines.  Similar to Jietantui and Dandaochuanqiang, it trains learners the traditional Wushu application technique through predefined sequence of actions. Although both Jietantui and Taoquan are freehand partner-work routines, they are different in terms of complexity and objectives. Jietantui is to demonstrate how to use the twelve sections of Tantui, while Taoquan focuses on the various techniques like kicking, punching, toppling and gripping as well as the variations in linking different techniques.  Hence, even though there are repeating actions like Jietantui, Taoquan is richer in different ways of response.  Practising Taoquan provides learners of the same level play the routine in a reciprocal manner.
Taoquan is rich in combating skills.  Its application skill covers the Shaolin techniques which were found in Tantui, Gongliquan, Dazhanquan, etc.  In the last 20th century, Shanghai Chinwoo Athletic Association attempted to perfect Taoquan by incorporating the special skills of four Chinwoo chief coaches. They were: Master Zhao Lianhe who specialized in Shaolin’s punching and kicking skills, Master Chen Zizheng in Eagle Claw’s leaning and locking skills, Master Luo Guangyu in Praying Mantis’s long distinct rolling punch and toppling with close punching, and Master Wu Jianquan in Taiji’s dissolving methods and pressing force.
Taoquan is the most complicated one within the Chinwoo ten fundamental routines.  Since its creation in hundred years ago, there have been many different versions among various Chinwoo Athletic Associations over the world.  However, they are roughly the same in the content except they have different ordering in the seven sections. Overall speaking, this does not jeopardize the training process.
In summary, Taoquan is a very important piece of training material. It helps learners to grasp the feeling of fighting. It also teaches them how to coordinate their limbs and trunk; and how to perform toppling and gripping during fighting. So learners can improve their fighting skill through mastering Taoquan.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Brilliant Publication Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 10/2007