Chum Kiu
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The objective of Chum Kiu is to let practitioner learning how to locate your enemy's hands.  From protective viewpoint, the principal is to deflect your enemy's attack away from your defensive zone.  Method used including Bong Sau and Dip Sau, the way of giving out force is in a turning manner and carrying both attack and defence ideas.  When attacking your enemy, the aim is to break through his defensive zone, competing for centre line.  Actions, like pushing hand with direct punch, kicking followed by stepping forward and continuous punches, require you to dissolve enemy's coming attack, retaining his force, or deflecting it to the sides.  Then the enemy will be in an adverse situation and you can then make use of the chance to occupy his centre line and launch an attack.

Authors Lam Wing-kit & Ying Fun-fong
Publisher Chan Sheung Kee Book Limited
Language Chinese/English
First Published 1997

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