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Da Wu Hu Quan (Mi Zong)
Dawuhuquan is the complete routine of ‘Wu Hu Quan’. The name ‘Dawuhuquan’ means the participant shou..
HKD 140.00
Pi Gua Quan Yi Lu (Pi Gua Man)
It is one of the important routines of Pi Gua Style. Large and wide movements are its characteristic..
HKD 110.00
Pao Quan (Mi Zong)
Pao Quan, also known as Fa Pao Quan, was created by Master Fu Zhen Song.  He composed this rout..
HKD 110.00
Kai Men Pao (Mi Zong)
This routine focuses on kicking practice. Kicks that are targeted on upper body include jumping slap..
HKD 110.00
Mai Fu Quan (Mi Zong)
The meaning of ‘Mai Fu’ is hiding yourself for a sudden attack. So this routine has many untraceable..
HKD 110.00
Xiao Wu Fu Quan
Content: 1. Introduction ( Link )2. Demonstration 3. Application Technique&..
HKD 150.00
Ti Lu Shao Lin Quan(Nan Shaolin)
Tilu Shaolinquan and an elementary level Taolu of Shaolin. Short in length and rapid in its rising a..
HKD 110.00
Pi Gua Quan Yi Lu
Content: 1. Introduction ( Link )2. Demonstration ..
HKD 60.00
Cha Chiu (Mi Zong)
Cha Chui, also know as Zha Chui, is one of the Bi Zong representative routines. This routine is eleg..
HKD 110.00
Cangzhou Shaolin Routines Collection
Chinwoo Athletic Association was established in 1909 by Master Huo Yuanjia in Shanghai. Chinwoo's ob..
HKD 100.00